Sometimes staying in a job can be difficult and here are some further ideas and possibilities to help you flourish in your job – and to help your employer as well.

If you are in work at the moment, then we can provide support for both you and your employer. As an NHS organisation we are independent and impartial, and able to provide as much or as little assistance for as long or as short a period of time as you wish.

Access to Work – funding for support worker, special equipment, taxi fares etc. No cost to employer (if applied for before commencing job or within 6 weeks of doing so). Financial and other support for employers is available through the Access to Work scheme provided by Jobcentre Plus. 

Work Choice  is an employment programme that supports people with long term health issue delivered for Jobcentre Plus by specialist organisations, called ‘providers’. Contact Jobcentre Plus for more details.

Work Psychologist – objective functional assessment of aptitudes, speed of work, ability to follow instructions. Psychometric testing and practical work samples. Useful if redeployment in to different occupation with same employer is being considered. Lasts one day and no cost to employer or employee. Contact Disability Employment Advisers at Jobcentre Plus for more information.

For details of all these and all Jobcentre Plus services visit