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Information for advisors


If you are a healthcare professional or an employment advisor, then Workways is available to help you access the right kind of employment-focussed support for the person you are helping.

If the person you are helping is in a job at the moment then please tell them about our service as soon as possible. Don’t leave it until they go off sick - or if they are get in touch before they are feeling fully better. We won’t contact their employer without their permission but the earlier we can become involved, the better. Applications from people who are in work are given priority at Workways.

Workways is also here to help people who want to find paid employment - we don't have a 'referral system' so simply ask the person concerned to contact us.

If they are looking simply to do a course or voluntary work then we can signpost to relevant organisations. You can also give them our information sheet.

If someone has physical health problems or a learning disability as well as mental health issues then Workways may still be an option, but please do bear in mind that we are not experts in these areas and we may suggest working with other organisations in order to provide the best possible support.

As an advisor, you may feel you would like more knowledge about mental health conditions, helping people stay in work or the benefits system. We offer a range of courses and workshops to provide you with increased knowledge and skills.