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Help for you & your employer


If you are in work at the moment, then we can provide support for both you and your employer. As an NHS organisation we are independent and impartial, and able to provide as much or as little assistance for as long or as short a period of time as you wish. For example, we can support

  • Meetings with managers & staff

  • Returning to work after time off

  • Exploring reasonable adjustments

  • Managing workload and tasks to help reduce anxiety

If you’re off sick from your job don’t leave contacting us until you are feeling better. Similarly, if you’re struggling to go in to work please contact us before you go off sick. Applications to Workways from people who are in work are given priority. We won’t contact your employer without your permission - but the earlier we can become involved, the better. If you live in Exeter, East or Mid Devon there is no cost to you or your employer.

We've also produced resources you may find helpful - Keeping Well at Work and Feeling Stressed, Keeping Well and, for your employer, the MINDFUL EMPLOYER Line Managers' Resource. Visit for more information.

We are here to support your employer as well - they may feel they don't have the necessary knowledge or skills to provide the right support for you. As well as providing 1:1 help, Workways also provides mental health awareness sessions for managers, staff and workplaces.

We also run the UK-wide MINDFUL EMPLOYER initiative which supports employers in the recruitment, retention and redeployment of staff who experience mental ill health. MINDFUL EMPLOYER provides employers with easier access to information and support. An evaluation of the initiative, supported by Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Sheffield Hallam University considers how MINDFUL EMPLOYER has improved employer support for staff with mental health conditions and contains recommendations and practical suggestions which employers can implement within the aims and aspirations of their own business. For more information, visit Mindful_Employer_logo_blue_jpeg.jpg